Sunday, February 22, 2009

I need your help!

Hello everyone:)

As you all may know, I am finally beginning to start projects in my site. For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that racism is a huge issue in the DR. In an effort to turn the tide on racism, each year 30 PCVs get together for Celebrando el Ciabo. El Ciabo is the region where I live so this translates as “Celebrating the Ciabo”. What is this interesting thing you ask? Well, Celebrando el Ciabo is a conference that PCVs host in August to raise awareness with the youth in the DR on racism. Each PCV brings some youth from their community to participate in the 3 day conference where we have games, and charlas on topics like disabilities, American culture, and of course racism among other things. After the conference, each youth is able to go back to their community and teach what they learned, thus achieving the constant goal of sustainability.

Like all things in life, this costs money. In addition to having a goal of raising $30 in our sites, each PCV needs to raise at least $125 to help with the costs of the center, food, transportation and materials. I have included the URL to the website where you can easily donate and any donation is tax deductible. Just copy and past the URL. Please take the time to donate. In reality these kids don't need that much money to go and so if only 5 people donated $25 we could reach our goal. If I am able to raise more than $125 that money will still be used for this conference. I promise to put pictures up on my blog and myspace of the event after wards in effort to keep sharing my PC experience with everyone. You have all been so supportive of me in so many ways since I arrived; please take the time for this as well and support my community too. Thank you so much!

- Betsy


On the right side of the page in blue it says CONTRIBUTIONS. There it lists how much money we are soliciting and how much we have left to raise. Just enter how much you would like to donate in the box and click the DONATE button.

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