Monday, September 1, 2008

beaches and peanut butter

Hey guys:)

I'm at the internet center here, paying for internet again. I was super happy when the training center got wi fi for free for us but today I went to use it and, like everyone else, found that it doesn't work very well at all. So, I'm going to make this short and sweet.

Yesterday I went to the beach. It was pretty sweet. I didn't spend even one peso!!! I got to go with my friend's family. We crammed like 14 of us into a van with no seats in the back and drove over an hour to the beach. Safety is a hug concern here you know. It's ok though, here they don't need seat belts because with so many people in one place, we can't move anyways!!

Well, thats it. Short and sweet like I promised. I'm tired and it's time for a siesta then homework and peanut butter and crackers for dinner. If I eat pb and crackers, drink juice and water and makes sure to keep up the sweets (my best job) then I should have the food pyramid or stairs or whatever covered right? Hope so!! Lol

love and miss you all!!



dldj said...

The beach sounds like fun! I remember eating lots of peanut butter (and peanut butter crackers) when I was pregnant with Jacob, and still love it. It's one of my favorite foods :) It sounds like you are gradually getting used to life in the Dominican. Keep hanging in there! Take care and God bless.


Unknown said...

Miss you SO much bets...
I'm sneaking this in real quick-- John's got all 5 screaming kids on the bed, and is calling for me to put them to sleep... aaaah, I'll get there... someday..
We're going corn picking tomorrow for the first time with a bunch of family lifers. We'll think of you and your corn days! I bet you'd give just about anything right now to have some corn!
Also... just had to tell you... Benjamin has been wearing big boy underwear for 4 days without a single accident. He wants you to know (we just read him your blog) that he wiped his poopy butt by himself AND flushed the toilet paper down the toilet... just for you tonight. (He did a lousy job, but hey-- at least it's not in a diaper... I'll take it.)
So... things we can send... how about Dominican Republic stamps? Can you use those? Or junk food that won't melt... like Mentos? Tell me what you want and it'll be on its way Friday. We sent our first letter yesterday. I just sent it to the Santo Domingo address because you'll be changing houses-- likely-- before it gets there.
Miss you so much it hurts some days... we're glad you were safe in the face of Hurricane Gustav. Now you've got Hannah, Ike, and Josephine staring in your direction... should be interesting! Gustav did a near miss at New Orleans... the levees aren't holding too well.
Hugs! I hope they let me post a long message! I think John is dead...

batteredbugs said...

Hey Doodles!
Dad here again, and it's sounding like U'r not adapting very well to the food down there...yet! And well, while boiled bananas sounds absolutely scrumptious... NOT!!! Disgusting! I'd wolf 'em down b4 they hit the pot! Anyway, me, Andy, and the boys have got this 25' cabin cruiser boat with a 351ci V8 engine in it and are seriously considering making the voyage out there this spring, after we thaw out and the hurricane season is over, probably around Ur birthday and mine. We can drop it here in the Rock, go out to the Mississippi, refuel in the west keys, and make it out to Ur place with a boatload of provisions in less than a day in that thing with the speed props we just picked up for it! We've got a spare engine, just in case, and we're adding another 100 gal. fuel tank, just in case too. So far we've got a 125cc dirt bike and a 90cc ATV trike that we'll bring along, and those are Joey's and Andy's so they'll have to come back w/us, but would U want me to bring a bike, scooter, or something else along with for U to use out there? I've just got my little electric scooter right now, but it's got really small tires on it and wouldn't be very good on the rough roads. Also, got the grey goose U never got to drink here, along w/another bottle that I didn't know U had in Ur room! Can get those down there 4 U too if U'd like. So, start getting Ur list together 4 me b/c we'll have lots of room 4 stuff on the boat, it sleeps 6 and there's only going to be 3, maybe 4 of us going down there, that is if U'd like... I know U'd want at least a case of peanut butter... The question is crunchy or creamy??? And chocolate? M&M's? Plain or peanut? Also, maybe a rack of ribeye steaks from Oliver's? U know, the kind U have to cut Ur steaks from, whatever thickness U like? Think of other stuff, bedding, rain gear, etc., we'll bring it down. Also, found this really great website that tracks all the caribbean tropical storms and hurricanes so that U might be able to know what's coming up and be better able to prepare for them... Well, this is just Dad being a Dad, concerned for his littlest baby Bets. Love U lots and missin' U even more. Just hope Ur safe and well, as well as happy and having fun... and not too starving to death! I'd hate to be visiting the malnurished, skeletal remains of what once was when we finally get down there! Hang in there Lil' Bets, the cavalry's on their way! We're also gonna try our hand at some deep sea fishing on our way out there, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, we'll bring in a big one for U! U do like fish, don't U? Well, maybe not after a few months down there, but I'm sure the steak sounds like an enticing bit of news! We can bring a few racks of beef if U can muster up the deep freeze accommodations for it, & or a whole deep freezer if U like, but U gotto tell us what kind of power they have down there... 12V DC, 110V AC, or 220V AC??? Need to know that... If not, we can also bring solar panels, batteries, and inverters if U need... And could bring U internet too if U've got any Verison or Singular cell tower service available... Well, let me know. U can email me or just post it on Ur blog or MySpace and I can get the info that way... Oh ya, and it's sounding to me like U might just need a little cash too... But should I bring USD or pesos? Inquiring minds want to know!
LUL Lil' Bets,
BaTTered Dad! :)

batteredbugs said...

Oops Bets,
Forgot to send U that URL, it's...
Dad :)