Thursday, September 18, 2008

replies to your comments

Hey everyone. I thought that I should reply to all your comments.

Rach, thanks for the cookie recipie in spanish!! I asked my doña for it and she said her daughter had it but I´m a little scared its gone. Don´t need it now though!! And don´t worry about keeping mom, we were able to talk. I felt kind of bad because I was a little pissy since my phone wouldn´t work. Anyways, thanks for all your support and love. It help soooo much!! I love you!!

Aaron, dude, as you can see I really am in need of a headlamp. My Doña lent me a flashlight but it´s super dull so thanks a LOT!!! Stewy said you were able to get batteries from Brian Gomes? That´s pretty cool. Thanks a lot for the text and I wrote you a reply in myspace. Thanks for the package you guys are working on too!! It´s nice to hear from you, however you´re able. I miss you guys!!

Dad, I like the long messages. I´m going to be gone for so long and I don´t want to be clueless to what´s going on at home. It makes me feel like I´m there so thanks so much!! I´m glad it sounds almost like the school is coming together!! Amazing but you know me, still the skeptic... Thanks for sending me those markers but they don´t really work so if you could find some that do... thanks. Also, I haven´t gotten mail yet this week and I´m hoping they being it out to us next week but the point is, I didn´t get a flashlight yet. But I´ll be looking for it!! Thanks!!

Mom, thanks so much for all of your phone calls and responses!! I´m going to email you a letter I wrote you as well as those numbers. Thanks for your persistence with my obnoxious phone!! love you lots!!




i_should_b_asleep said...

good markers are on their way!!
we're sending the package tomorrow... crayola and all. If they don't work-- I'll go to Michaels for you and get art-grade materials. :)
any other craft supplies you need? we can TOTALLY cover you in that area.
i won't write a lot here-- I bombarded your email account.
lovin on betsy....

batteredbugs said...
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batteredbugs said...

Hi again Bets,
So... Hmmm... U need a headlight? I'm just finally putting 2+2 together here and realizing that U need a headlight b/c I'm realizing that U never got that super-duper little luxon LED pocket flashlight that Rach & I had sent U. I spoke w/Rach the other day about it b/c I didn't know how she'd packaged everything that we'd sent U, but she was telling me that she'd put everything that we'd sent U into a single mailer bag, the candles, markers, etc... And I don't remember exactly what else it was that she said that she'd put in there, but that would mean that someone had opened that package, taken out the flashlight and batteries, then thankfully, fwded the remainder to U. That really sucks b/c we all know just how badly U needed that light, plus it was a really nice(& expensive) little flashlight, and actually one of my favorite ones. And Oh well, we kinda knew that kind of monkey business would be going on w/the mail sent there. Hopefully Aaron's package, attempt #2, arrives to U with all of it's contents intact. I just don't see how they could've opened up one of those self stick blister pack mailer envelopes w/o mangling, if not completely destroying the envelope, and then were able to reseal it and then deliver it to U with some of the contents removed??? I've never been able to open one of those envelopes w/o completely destroying it! So, again, I'm real sorry to hear that it didn't make it through the system to U b/c I understand Ur extreme need for it b/c of the erratic electrical supply down there. Which will only become more erratic once they send U out into the field to Ur next house which will likely be even more remotely located from a major city or infrastructure than the one U've been staying at now. I sure hope Aaron's package not only gets there, but gets there in time! Hang in there Lil' Doodles, the cavalry's trying desperately to support Ur effort over there! Otherwise, hoping everything's going well down there and that U haven't had to indulge Urself in too many more "boiled banana" meals! From the pics U've posted on Ur MySpace it looks like U're able to enjoy some beach time for which the Caribbean is so famous for, but do watch out for those giant cacti!